BR.1 Prepare for the roadmapping workshop



This activity will help to create a Roadmap Development Matrix, which summarises the benefits, costs and risks of the key innovation ideas and is required for the roadmapping workshop.


• The new business model selected for implementation from the activity BM.19 Pitch the new business model to the CEO.

• Details of the innovation ideas that are required for the new business model. This comes from the relevant activities of the step Generating ideas at the individual building block level.


Key details of the innovation ideas to be implemented captured within a Roadmap Development Matrix used in the activity BR.2: Do a roadmapping workshop with input from value chain partners.




Select one of the innovation ideas from the new business model and fill out a row within the Roadmap Development Matrix template against the following headings:

  • Innovation idea title: Descriptive title for the innovation idea.
  • Benefits: Brief description of the business benefits that can be realized once this innovation has been implemented (e.g. cost saving, comply with legislative requirement, increase product sales, improved market understanding etc.). Some innovation ideas may not deliver any immediate business benefit asthey are a stepping stone towards the implementation of the complete business model.
  • Capital investment: Upfront financial investment required to complete the innovation.
  • Implementation effort and cost: Estimate of the person months of work required to implement the innovation idea and multiply by the average monthly salary to get an approximate labour cost.
  • Approximate total cost and payback period: Add the capital cost and labour cost to get a total cost. Divide the total cost by the monthly cost savings or increased revenue due to the innovation to calculate the payback period in months.
  • Implementation risk: The probability of the innovation failing and the impact of such a failure on the company.
  • Scheduling considerations: Prerequisites for the innovation idea, the availability of personnel or partners, and any external deadlines (e.g. new legislation compliance deadline) should be captured in this column.


Repeat the process until all of the innovation ideas are represented by a row of Roadmap Development Matrix template

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