IM.1 Create a project plan



The aim of this activity is to create a project plan for the first project for eco-innovation.


Scope and prioritised requirements for the first project for eco-innovation, from the activity BR.3 Define and prioritise the requirements of the first project.


A detailed plan for the first project for eco- innovation, used for the activity IM.2 Present the project plan to the Senior Management Team.



Questions to address within the project plan:


What are the aims and objectives of the project? A clear definition of aims and objectives must be provided to ensure that the company understands what the project must achieve and how they will know if they have been successful. The aims and objectives should be in line with the project scope agreed by the Senior Management Team in the activity ‘Pitching the implementation roadmap to the CEO’. For instance, the aim of a project may be to develop a better understanding of a novel technology, thereby reducing the technical risk of committing to launching a new product that incorporates the new technology. Based on this, a project objective may be to create a prototype of the product.

Similarly, a prototype product may be used to gather feedback from customers in order to create a better understanding of the likely market acceptance, in order to reduce the commercial risk. This section of the plan should also briefly explain how the project will contribute to the implementation of the new business model and the achievement of the strategic goals.


What will be the deliverables from the project? The sustainability benefits of the project should have been identified in the BUILD ROADMAP phase. At this stage it is important to understand what actually needs to be delivered in order to realize those benefits. In some cases the scope of the project may not extend to delivering the complete innovation idea. If the aim of the project is to create a partial solution, as a stepping stone to the full solution, the plan

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