PR.2 Building the right internal team



This activity helps you to: think about the competencies, skills and knowledge necessary to deliver eco-innovation services, how identify what gaps exist within your team. and how to plan for addressing these gaps.


Details of the types of competencies, skills and knowledge offered by each of your eco-innovation team members.


In the activity PR.3 Build the right external partnerships, you can plan for how to fill any gaps you have in your internal team in terms of the competencies, skills and knowledge required to deliver your eco-innovation services.



1. Using the Competencies Checklist template, start by filling in the names of each of your eco-innovation team members, including yourself.

2. Review the list of competencies, skills and knowledge areas shown in the first column and add any other ones that you feel are important for your situation – indicate if they are ‘essential’ or ‘beneficial’.

3. Go through each team member and put a tick in the cell for the competences, skills and knowledge that they can provide (you may need to discuss this with them to ensure accuracy).

4. Once you have completed the checklist for each of your team members, review the checklist and look for competency gaps. In particular, focus on the competencies, skills and knowledge areas that you consider to be ‘Essential’. Ideally you should have two members of staff available for each of the essential competencies.

5. Where you have identified competency gaps, think about the best way to fill those gaps. Indicate how you will do this by putting a tick in the relevant solution column. Then add further details in the ‘Comments on solution proposed’ cell about your plan to fill this gap; such as who will be involved, which external partners will be involved (if any), how much training will cost, schedule for filling the gap, etc.

6. Review this checklist before completing the PREPARE phase to ensure that your plans have been executed and that all ‘essential’ competencies have been filled.

Tips & Tricks


One of the topics mentioned in the Competencies Checklist is relevant ‘sector expertise’. Now that you have selected a target market, it is important to ensure that you have at least one ‘sector expert’ in the team for every sector you intend to target.

The sector expert can provide the rest of the team with a better understanding of how the market operates (typical business strategies, business models, and who are the main stakeholders). The expert understands the technologies and processes commonly used in the market. Ideally, they should also have a good network of contacts in the sector.


If you decide that a strategic partnership might be an appropriate way to gain a missing competency, skill or knowledge, then the following activity provides further guidance on how to build such a partnership.

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