RE.4 Present the review conclusions and agree next steps with the CEO



The aim of this activity is to present the conclusions from the review activities and agree with the CEO how to proceed with the next phase of eco-innovation implementation.


• A proposal for changes to the business model and roadmap or confirmation that no changes are required from the activity RE.3 Review the business model and roadmap.


• Decision from the CEO as to how to proceed. The output is not used elsewhere but is necessary to allow you to proceed to the next phase of eco-innovation implementation with the company.



Suggested topics to include in the presentation to the CEO:

  • A summary of the project review activity, highlighting the results of the project and the business benefits gained.
  • The top five recommended actions to improve performance on projects for eco-innovation that came from the project review workshop.
  • Your analysis of the on-going validity of the business model and roadmap.
  • Your recommendation for the next steps, whether this be proceeding to the next project on the roadmap, or revisiting earlier phases in the process in order to address any issues that have arisen with the business model or roadmap

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