ST.15 Consider key management issues for implementation



The aim of this activity is to start putting in place some management practices that can facilitate the implementation of eco-innovation within the company.


Approval from the CEO to proceed with the eco-innovation implementation can be found in the activity ST.14 Pitch the new business strategy to the CEO.


Management practices and culture that will support the eco-innovation implementation activities. These outputs are not specifically used elsewhere in the process but they are important to ensure the success of the eco-innovation implementation.



This activity is different to the others in that it is an on-going process that aims to make the management practices, company culture  and ways of working more conducive to the implementation of eco-innovation. Below, a number of management questions are suggested that can help with this.


  • What cultural traits or values of the company can support, ease and accelerate the implementation of the changes proposed?
    What is making it difficult to progress?

Message and communications

  • What is the most important message that now needs to be spread around the company for the success of eco-innovation?
  • Who are the people managing the communication?
  • How can we promote a conversation about the message within the company?

Practices and setting

  • What practices and activities can be established so to make it easy for employees working on eco-innovation to achieve their goals?
  • What practical solutions regarding space, time, or resources can help them focus on eco-innovation activities?


  • What knowledge and skills are needed? How could those be addressed?

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