Prepare for eco-innovation

Identify the right market for the eco-innovation services

Build the right team to deliver the service

Understand the value chain sustainability hotspots, opportunities and threats

Develop a concept for a more sustainable value chain

Engage potential clients

Gain approval from senior management to proceed

Set the Strategy

Get ready for the Preliminary Assessment

Understand the current business strategy

Understand the current business model

Understand the current operational performance

Analyse the information I have gathered

Define the company vision and strategic goals of the new business strategy

Define the products, markets and selling points of the new business strategy

Get senior management approval for the new business strategy

Set the Business Model

Understand in more detail the performance of the company through an In-Depth Assessment

Generating business model concepts at the big picture level

Generating ideas at the individual building block level

Evaluate the business model concepts and select one to pitch

Get senior management approval for the new business model

Build the roadmap

Build a roadmap for eco- innovation implementation

Get senior management approval for the implementation roadmap

Implement eco-innovations

Create a project plan and get it approved

Support the implementation activities

Review eco-innovation projects

Review the performance of the first project for eco-innovation

Review the business model and roadmap and agree the next steps