BM.12 Generate ideas for the key activities block



This activity aims to generate ideas for how to address hotspots or strategic changes related to the key activities block.


Hotspots or strategic changes related to the customer segments block from the activities ST.7 Do a SWOT Analysis, BM.2 Gather additional data on the business model, and BM.3 Gather additional data on operational performance.


Specific ideas for how to change the Customer Segments block to address the hotspots or strategic changes, used in the activities BM.4 Generate business model concepts at the big picture level – if taking a ‘Bottom-up’ approach, BM.15 Evaluate the benefits, and BM.16 Evaluate the costs and BM.17 Evaluate the risks.



See the 9 Windows on the World instructions within the activity BM.7 Generating technical ideas for block the value proposition.

  • Is there a risk that the key resource may not be available in the future? For example, the Tasty Tuna Company is extremely dependent on a supply of fresh tuna as a key resource. This supply is under threat due to overfishing.
  • How can this risk be reduced or mitigated? One way to mitigate this risk would be to lobby the local government to create and enforce fishing quotas. This would o er an environmental benefit by protecting the fish stocks, whilst also providing a more secure future for the company and the local fishermen.

— Success story from Sri Lanka

Coconut innovator targets new, high-value production

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