BM.19 Pitch the new business model to the CEO



The aim of this activity is to pitch the new business model to the CEO and the Senior Management Team and get their approval to proceed to the ROADMAP phase.


A relative scoring of each of the business model options and a recommendation as to which of the business model concepts you think the company should pursue, from the activity BM.18 Integrate all the evaluations and make the final selection.


• Completed pitch of the new business model concept.

• Decision from the CEO as to how to proceed.

These outputs are not used elsewhere but are necessary to allow you to proceed to the BUILD ROADMAP phase.



Key points to present in your business model pitch include:

  • The business model options you have developed, including details of the operational level ideas that will support the implementation of the business model.
  • The main economic, social and environmental benefits of each option.
  • The economic costs in terms of the major initial investments required.
  • The effort required to implement each business model option, presented using the Business Model Canvas and the rating scale described in the previous activity.
  • The main risks associated with each option, including details of any experiments you have done to validate key assumptions.
  • A summary covering all of the above which you can provide by showing the completed Business Model Pitch template.

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