PR.3 Build the right external partnerships



This activity enables you to identify external stakeholders and think about how they could contribute to your eco-innovation services and activities.


From the activity PR.2 Build the right internal team, you can plan for filling any gaps you have in your internal team in terms of the competencies, skills and knowledge required to deliver your eco-innovation services.


• New external partnership initiated where appropriate.

• List of key stakeholders.

These outputs are used in the activities: PR.6 Develop a value chain vision and ST.7 Do a SWOT analysis.




Use the Life Cycle Stakeholders template to identify the key stakeholders for your company and categorize them into the following categories:

  • Supply chain – Stakeholders that provide goods and services to the company
  • Customers – Stakeholders to whom we sell our goods and services.
  • Professional interest – Stakeholders whose professional activities may bring them into contact with us or have an impact on us.
  • Personal interest – Stakeholders who do not have a professional interest in our activities but may take a personal interest because our company has an impact on them in some way.


Generate ideas for how each of the stakeholders identified could potentially contribute to eco-innovation activities at the company – capture these ideas on sticky notes and place them on the Life Cycle Stakeholders template next to the relevant stakeholder.

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