ST.8 Develop a vision for the company



This activity guides you through the process of defining a vision for the company that is aligned with the value chain vision, and the high priority strategic factors previously defined.


• List of key stakeholders from the activity PR.3 Build the right external partnerships.

• A vision of a sustainable value chain from the activity PR.6 Develop a value chain vision.

• Categorized set of strategic factors to support strategy development from the activity ST.7 Do a SWOT analysis.


A short description of what the company is like in a more sustainable future, used in the activities ST.9 Define the strategic goals and ST.10 Generate ideas for new products, markets and selling points.




Review the prioritized points from the SWOT analysis.


Review the value chain vision and think about the role played by the company in this vision.


Select a time frame 3-10 years in the future in which to set the company vision.


Write a first draft of the company vision from this future perspective. you can use the following questions to inspire you:

  • What are the sustainability hotspots that the company has helped to address?
  • How is the company performing from a commercial perspective (growth, profitability, market position)?
  • How do customers feel about the company?
  • What are the first things that other people outside the company think of when they hear the company name?
  • Why are employees proud to work for the company?


Review and re-draft this company vision description then share it with your colleagues and ask for feedback. Is it clear? Is it ambitious and inspiring? Is it relevant for the company? Is it too prescriptive or too vague?


Revise the company vision based on the feedback and then include the final version in the Company Vision template.

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